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How to Win At Global Marketing YetiZen Speaks Event [video]

December 17, 2014

Marketing beyond your own region? What else is there to it besides localization, translation, local marketing spend? A lot. Especially lots your local competitors never have to think about but natually do well!  Find the secrets to globalizing your message and growing outside your local market!


Jia Shen, CEO at Powercore

Alan Dunton, Partner, Triplepoint

Kaavya Kasturirangan, Head of PR for North America, InMobi

Riaz Karamali, , Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Slides from Kaavya’s talk

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Guerilla vs engagement game marketing, which one’s for you?

November 27, 2014

Hire models to dress up as game characters and walk around PAX? Run a game fan page on Facebook? Generate buzz through a Kickstarter campaign?  Create viral videos?  Drive distribution through ads?  Give your players in-game chat? You have heard of all of these before, but which one will work for you?  What are the most effective methods?

Watch this video to

  1. understand the differences
  2. know which works when
  3. how to succeed at both types of marketing


Justin Bailey, COO at Double Fine Productions

Arash Keshmirian, Co-founder & CEO, Limbic

Brian Sapp, Director Digital Publishing, Warner Bros

Rakesh Rajan, Senior Product Manager at InMobi

Riaz Karamali, , Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

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Top 10 Metrics All Game Developers should swear by!

November 27, 2014

The days of ship and forget are long dead. Nowadays the real painstaking work begins day 1 at the launch of the game. And most of it involves carefully looking at analytics and making the best decisions possible.

Measuring the wrong things, is like your spinning your wheels to no avail. But what are the right metrics to measure?

In this video Storm8, Perfect World, Machine Zone, inMobi discuss their perspectives.


Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, General Manager, Mobile at Perfect World

Terry Yee, Lead Product Manager at Storm8

Dani Zuniga, Senior Business Analyst at Machine Zone

Mahak Sharma, Head of Business Development, Mobile Gaming at InMobi North America

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Our panel questions for Oct 7 event so far!

October 4, 2014

Here are our panel questions so far.
  1. How does guerilla marketing compete at scale? How does this compare to engagement marketing?

  2. How do you plan & measure effectiveness of guerilla marketing efforts?

  3. How do you find great on-the-ground leaders for guerilla campaigns?

  4. What ways have you found for driving user follow through after the guerilla contact?

  5. Are you doing anything to manage multi-touch engagement, such as through Twitter, Facebook, etc? (In other words, is each user contact treated separately or are you using tools to help stitch them together - like a CRM for users?)

  6. Legality of guerilla efforts-what’s a framework to test guerilla marketing ideas by that keeps it kosher?

You can always ask your own in the audience Q&A portion. Speaker bios and event details here.

YetiZen Speaks Event Video: Advertising for user acquisition–Real talk on what works and what doesn’t!

September 27, 2014

You have heard us rant about the misconception that user acquisition is all about pouring money in the appstores. Well its wrong. Watch this video to get beyond the complaining and educate yourself on how to do user acquisition smarter!



James Peng, Head of User Acquisition & Monetization, Storm8

Andrew Marsh, CEO & Founder, Fifth Column Games

Brian Jacobs, Senior Director of Operations, GrowMobile

Mike Cohen, VP & GM of Performance, InMobi [Slides here]

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New InMobi and YetiZen partnership to bring you Video of our educational YetiZen Speaks Series

September 27, 2014

Our event series YetiZen Speaks is the game industry’s only regularly occurring game studio education and networking events that focus on the business side of games. These events take a deeper dive on what works and what doesn’t beyond what you can glean from conferences and blog posts.

Many tell us that YetiZen Speaks is the only unbiased source of real talk in the game industry out there.

Since our inception in 2010 a lot of this content has been available only to members of the local San Francisco Game community.

Well that’s all about to change!

In partnership with our friends at InMobi from now until the end of the year we will be providing high quality video recordings of our presentation and discussions at YetiZen Speaks so you can learn wherever you are in San Francisco or the world!

Here is an interview of Sana (our CEO) and Rick Jones from InMobi discussing the gaming space and the partnership.


Announcements: Rebranding, Event Curation & More

September 3, 2014

Dear Game Developers,

Hope you are doing spectacular. We certainly are!

We are rebranding our events to YetiZen Speaks!

YetiZen Speaks is our new moniker for our game developer events such as the GDC party at AT&T ballpark, the Casual Connect party at Ferrari, our Workshops, Seminars, Hackathons and other educational events.

We’ve noticed that word has gotten out beyond the game industry regarding our fantastic and extravagant parties. Coupled with the excitement around gaming in general, we have seen increasing numbers of attendees not from the game industry.

While we certainly appreciate this and believe everyone should benefit from the great knowledge and network within games, YetiZen’s mission first and foremost has been to provide education and powerful networking connections between game developers.

Here is what we are doing about this->

We will curate all YetiZen parties

Previously, anyone with our party eventbrite link could sign up to our parties. Now we will ask everyone to fill out a short survey with questions such as company, title, and games developed recently. We will then hand select invitees from the survey based on gaming experience. The parties will be restricted to those on the invite list. Plus 1s must sign up separately.

I’m not a game developer but work with them? Will you invite me?

Yes, if you work for a SAAS tool for game developers, reputable gaming press (like our favorite VentureBeat), or investors who have invested in gaming we will likely invite you. But like others, you must fill out the survey and let us know how you can help game developers.  Generally speaking, if we have limited tickets game developers will take preference (unless you are a sponsor).

What if I’m new to the industry and haven’t made any games yet?

We are glad you asked. If you haven’t designed, developed, launched a game yet and don’t fit into any of these categories: but ARE looking to learn about building games you gotta walk the walk… make a game!  

So many people waste valuable time networking when really they should be building. You say you want to learn how? Luckily for you, you can do that by applying for our bootcamp, that is meant specifically for studios that are pre-product or pre-user traction or by watching videos of our past events (new ones added within 4 weeks after live event).

Email us at info [at] yetizen [dot] com if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Team Yeti