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Announcements: Rebranding, Event Curation & More

September 3, 2014

Dear Game Developers,

Hope you are doing spectacular. We certainly are!

We are rebranding our events to YetiZen Speaks!

YetiZen Speaks is our new moniker for our game developer events such as the GDC party at AT&T ballpark, the Casual Connect party at Ferrari, our Workshops, Seminars, Hackathons and other educational events.

We’ve noticed that word has gotten out beyond the game industry regarding our fantastic and extravagant parties. Coupled with the excitement around gaming in general, we have seen increasing numbers of attendees not from the game industry.

While we certainly appreciate this and believe everyone should benefit from the great knowledge and network within games, YetiZen’s mission first and foremost has been to provide education and powerful networking connections between game developers.

Here is what we are doing about this->

We will curate all YetiZen parties

Previously, anyone with our party eventbrite link could sign up to our parties. Now we will ask everyone to fill out a short survey with questions such as company, title, and games developed recently. We will then hand select invitees from the survey based on gaming experience. The parties will be restricted to those on the invite list. Plus 1s must sign up separately.

I’m not a game developer but work with them? Will you invite me?

Yes, if you work for a SAAS tool for game developers, reputable gaming press (like our favorite VentureBeat), or investors who have invested in gaming we will likely invite you. But like others, you must fill out the survey and let us know how you can help game developers.  Generally speaking, if we have limited tickets game developers will take preference (unless you are a sponsor).

What if I’m new to the industry and haven’t made any games yet?

We are glad you asked. If you haven’t designed, developed, launched a game yet and don’t fit into any of these categories: but ARE looking to learn about building games you gotta walk the walk… make a game!  

So many people waste valuable time networking when really they should be building. You say you want to learn how? Luckily for you, you can do that by applying for our bootcamp, that is meant specifically for studios that are pre-product or pre-user traction or by watching videos of our past events (new ones added within 4 weeks after live event).

Email us at info [at] yetizen [dot] com if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Team Yeti

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