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Our panel questions for Oct 7 event so far!

October 4, 2014

Here are our panel questions so far.
  1. How does guerilla marketing compete at scale? How does this compare to engagement marketing?

  2. How do you plan & measure effectiveness of guerilla marketing efforts?

  3. How do you find great on-the-ground leaders for guerilla campaigns?

  4. What ways have you found for driving user follow through after the guerilla contact?

  5. Are you doing anything to manage multi-touch engagement, such as through Twitter, Facebook, etc? (In other words, is each user contact treated separately or are you using tools to help stitch them together - like a CRM for users?)

  6. Legality of guerilla efforts-what’s a framework to test guerilla marketing ideas by that keeps it kosher?

You can always ask your own in the audience Q&A portion. Speaker bios and event details here.

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