Business Bootcamp for Game Studios!

Succeed fast without burning through tonnes of time and money. Learn from game industry leaders involved in the largest F2P mobile studios over the last 5 years. We teach in San Francisco to founders joining us from around the world!

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Testimonial from past program participant

For me the YetiZen boot camp is a dream come true. We have game development talent, but we have no idea how to monetize and online articles misinform. The opportunity to work on monetization and other business areas in San Francisco the home of mobile and Free to play games was priceless. Thank you YetiZen!

Victor Albis, CEO of SPES Technology

Expert guidance from leading game industry experts such as

Blake Commagere Picture

Blake Commagere
Pioneer of social networking gaming category, man behind games reaching over 50 Million users!

John Szeder Picture

John Szeder
Founding member of Digital Chocolate. Built multiple titles that broke 1 Million downloads each including My Duckshot game and Bubble Ducky.

Sash McKinnon Picture

Sash McKinnon
Co-founder of Minomonsters #1 top grossing iOS game in 22 countries

And many more!

Here is what we will be teaching you

User Acquisition Chops because if you build it they may still not come

Picking Gaming Categories you can Win At NOT crowded ones in which you will be out muscled by others with more money or resources

Retaining and Monetizing Customers ship and forget is long dead, games as a service management practices

 Are you ready?

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