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Executive Summary

What are the games/products you are making?

Is there a problem you are solving?

Who is the target customer?

How big is the market?

What is your roadmap of product(s)?

Relevant links:

Traction/interest you have gotten on your products?

Have you monetized on your product?


Who is on it?

What is their background?

How long has the team been working on product?

Has anyone on your team previously addressed this specific market in a previous company?

Have you raised funding before?

Competitive Snapshot

Who are your closest competitors?

What differentiates them?

What differentiates you?

Product Plan

We realize businesses change but what is your product plan for the next year?

What are your key performance indicators?


How much does this current project cost?

Rough monthly estimates with clearly delineated assumptions are fine.


What are your monetization plans? Be as specific as you can.

When will these allow you to break even?

What features within the product will allow you to monetize?

Burn Rate/Sustainability

How long can you and your co-founder remain sustainable at your current burn rate/savings?

Funding Needs

What is your runway? In other words, if you didn’t receive another dime in funding, how long could you last?

How much money are you seeking in your next round of investment?

How long of a runway will your next round of investment last?

What is the critical point you need funding to grow the business?


How much have you already raised?


What are the values you are building your company around?

Risks/Areas of Opportunity

What do you think are you and your teams possible risk factors? Explain this in terms of areas of growth or lack of non-monetary resources (need money is too generic and doesn't help any of us plan for a business).

Do you plan to exit?


What type of exit are you looking for? (Selling your IP, selling your technology, selling the distribution you have obtained, or talent acquisition are a few examples)

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