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About YetiZen Accelerator

The YetiZen Accelerator Program is focused entirely on game studio and emerging platform startups. We help game startups build and strengthen their business models, marketing strategies, and market position while simultaneously connecting them with our network of seed partners, angels and VCs. These companies are also given access to incredible partnership deals to accelerate their user acquisition and distribution.

Each Accelerator Round has a maximum of 10 candidates, those with the most promising revolutionary or disruptive new ideas and promising portfolios are selected from hundreds of applicants.

Acceleration Process

The accelerator is built upon four major pillars. The first is an intense educational program. The second is a robust set of partnership deals actively negotiated by YetiZen. Third, connecting with a vast array of investors ranging from angels (both institutional groups and individuals) and VCs. Finally, YetiZen actively helps companies source and negotiate with exit partners.

Pillar I: Education

Our startups go through a rigorous 3-month educational program run by 150+ successful veterans and entrepreneurs from the game industry whom we call mentors. The program consists of one to three workshops daily with mentors who provide actionable advice on marketing, distribution, monetization, pitching, development, analytics, funding, and exit strategies. In addition, startups are given the opportunity to meet with a subset of our mentors outside of workshops in office hour settings for strategy sessions and one-on-one advice and conversation.

Pillar II: Partnerships

YetiZen staff regularly negotiates a robust set of partnerships for the startups in the accelerator program. These partnerships range from publishing opportunities, to seed funding, to user distribution and acquisition, to legal support, and much much more. These negotiated partnership services are either substantially discounted or free! Access to partnerships continues for the life of the company even after the formal 3 month program is over.

Pillar III: Touchpoints to investors and industry

Members of the YetiZen Accelerator program also get to pitch their company to investors in a number of valuable forums:

  • A private YetiZen Board of Advisors dinner, comprised of top industry VC investors
  • Many opportunities to pitch in front of our large network of angel and VC investors
  • Public Demo Day – open to the entire Silicon Valley investor, acquirer community and top journalists from the game space

Pillar IV: Mergers & Acquisitions

YetiZen actively seeks exit partnerships for accelerator companies. Some of these M&A partners are the typical players in the game industry. Other exit partners come from outside of games but are interested in games for their technology, their distribution, or their IP (often a combination of those three). YetiZen will help the companies find a successful exit after the program when the companies have reached various success metrics which are discussed and determined during the mentorship program.

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Acceptance into the accelerator program is based on a company’s profile assessment. If we strongly believe that your startup has the potential to become a part of our program, conditional acceptance may be offered based on mutually agreed goals.

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