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Foundation Games Is Casual-Core Done Right

December 10, 2012

The Name of This Game Is Innovation

In Foundation Games, we at YetiZen found a team of dedicated, experienced game developers from different innovative studios all driving toward creating iconic, character-focused IP. Their lineup of developers from film, television, and game production all speak to their view of innovation as inherent to the game experience.

The top hybrid game factory/game franchise company on the mobile platform, Foundation utilizes metrics gathered from the user experience of their games to adapt to the market while focusing primarily on the gameplay.

What other companies get wrong, Foundation gets right: the adventure arcade market is the prime solution to engaging the casual-core market, not pure hardcore. Also, pure game factories do not deliver the right content to this type of player, as the lack of focus on innovative gameplay leads this audience to disregard those titles.

YetiZen recognizes that Foundation Games’ approach to capturing the core player has been proven by the success of their titles, leading them to a large potential to expand and scale with more character-driven, uniquely differentiated titles that effectively engage this user group.

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