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Foundation Games Is Casual-Core Done Right

December 10, 2012

By Sana Choudary, YetiZen CEO

Success is measured not only by identifying untapped markets ripe for the picking, but also by recognizing the emergence of new ones arising from changing demographics, cultures, and technology. Foundation Games leads the way in the migration by hardcore gamers away from the age-old console-based dominance towards the mobile platform, and does it with style.

A clear transition is in progress: mobile games now get more playtime than console games. This is not because people are playing console games any less, but mobile games are taking over more of our discretionary time that previously used to be used for books, TV and other activities. People are spending 18% of their game time on console games compared to the 33% they spend on mobile. The $2 billion casual-core or core market consists of those hardcore console gamers demanding a richer, more fulfilling experience on their mobile devices rather than the basic, shallow titles which tend to wow new gamers. These users are ready for a deeper game experience.

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