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CrocPond: Building Character With Characters

December 6, 2012

CrocPond Is A Game Franchise

After illustrating the failures of other approaches, the solution appears simple. CrocPond is a brand that parents can rely on by focusing on both their message and their monetization.

By creating a trust relationship that will only grow stronger over time, CrocPond builds a lasting partnership with parents and their kids during a crucial part of a child’s life. Going beyond the games themselves, the bonds that kids develop with these character will translate into monetization through merchandise, toys, and other media.

With 32 Character Role Models, 7 levels, and 18 awards for the quality of their content, CrocPond inspires kids to live with integrity and make wise choices. Each of the characters are memorable, recognizable, and tell stories that focus on developing positive moral attributes essential to growing children age 5-9.

Ultimately, their success lies in the consistency of their brand and the messages around each character. For example, a current product, RINDIN the Puffer, is all about Respecting INDIvidual differeNces. RINDIN is an anti-bullying, iconic character with a signature tagline: “friends, not bullies.”

CrocPond Will Rock the Pond

The strength of their relationship with players goes beyond games. These recognizable role models have huge potential in merchandise, television shows, movies, and distribution partnerships.

CrocPond innovates as a game franchise, not a game factory, which is consistent with the philosophy here at YetiZen. Every year, we see over 700+ startups apply to our Accelerator Program, and yet CrocPond innovates the game franchise approach that will be most successful in this market.

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