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CrocPond: Building Character With Characters

December 6, 2012

By Sana Choudary, YetiZen CEO

According to the Kaiser Foundation, 90% of parents in the U.S. believe that the content their 5-9 year old children are getting is inappropriate. This presents increasingly dire implications as parents try to socialize our kids during their key years of development. With kids spending an ever-increasing amount of time online and interacting with various platforms and devices, the messages they see and hear will come from the media that they consume.

Parents are the providers of that media, and they all demand content that not only eases at least some part of their anxiety but also guarantees positive, teachable messages to their children.

Trying to deliver to this big, demanding market by producing games that seem to fulfill the need is an old idea. These attempts have failed due to misguided approaches: acting as a game factory instead of a game franchise. The key to avoiding these failures is knowing the difference.

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