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Weekly SF Geek Games night

Update Announcements:
Due to schedule conflicts, SF Geek Games night for Oct 17th and Oct 24th has been moved.

Weds, Oct 17th —> Tues, Oct 16th
Weds, Oct 24th —> Fri, Oct 26th

Weekly SF Geek Games night

Join us every Wednesday night at YetiZen Innovation Lab for a night of organized and open gaming - whether your game of choice is old school D&D, Pathfinder Society, other RPGs, Euro boardgames, card games or even video games come and play with your fellow geeks in the tech and gaming industry. Bring your favorite game or try some new games.

Doors open at 5:00pm with most games starting between 5:30-6pm. Regular games of Pathfinder Society will be run (see and are open to anyone whether you are regular PFS player or haven’t played a pen & paper RPG since the original Red Box (or ever). We anticipate playing multiple tables of PFS each evening. If there is a game you want to play bring it - and contact us ahead of time if you want us to list it on the page for advance signups.

The goal of the weekly SF Geek Games night is to be a chance for us all to get together and play some games - to break out the dice (or the cards) and find some fellow gamers - to try new games, to play old favorites. Each game night will be what you make it - so bring your favorite games and find some fellow gamers. Red Bulls will be provided. Other food and drink is bring/order your own (though if your company would like to sponsor food or drink contact Shannon Clark (@rycaut))

Click here to see games we will be playing:

YetiZen Innovation Lab

The YetiZen Innovation Lab is the place where we make this all possible. We gather together a wide and rich audience of developers into one physical location, and provide the environment for true synergy for game studios to build stronger businesses together. The YetiZen Innovation Lab provides a collaborative environment for game developers on a day-to-day basis, enriching the community through educational workshops and programs, and offering networking and exposure opportunities at large scale events and through the press.

Current sponsors are Gamestop and Adways.

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