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YetiZen Events during GDC 2013

Daily Luncheons (Monday to Thursday)
YetiZen is collaborating with different groups in the industry to host daily luncheon events throughout the week of GDC at the YetiZen Innovation Lab! We will be providing free lunch and having interesting discussion revolving around the gaming industry.

  • UK Trade & Investment Showcase and Luncheon - Monday, March 25th (11am - 1pm)
  • Luncheon with Republic of Poland - Tuesday, March 26th (12pm - 1pm)
  • Luncheon with PowerInbox - Wednesday, March 27th (12pm - 1pm)
  • Luncheon powered by Canopy - Thursday, March 28th (12pm - 1pm)
  • The 2013 Game Industry Passover Seder (March 26th at 6PM)
    It turns out GDC 2013 is scheduled right on top of Passover this year. If you’re one of many who will be missing the family Seder to attend GDC, join your industry colleagues at first-ever Games Industry-wide Passover Seder!

    YetiZen and IGDA Presents - Yetis On Ice (March 26th at 8PM)
    After another year in the game development trenches the league of epic game developers at International Game Developer Association (IGDA) and YetiZen have decided to team up together to bring you 2013′s Epic GDC bash… Yetis on Ice!