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YetiZen and Global Game Designers Guild join forces to bring Silicon Valley Game Startup Education to Latin America

April 20, 2013

Latin America has become a growing market in the game industry, with new startups being born every day and the local governments creating programs to help this emerging industry. Now is the best time to unite, grow this community and empower it to achieve the next level of success.

With the goal of helping more Latin American game developers grow to strong scalable startups that obtain large scale commercial success and become top candidates for global expansion, VC scale funding and Global M&A potential, YetiZen and Global Game Designers Guild (GGDG) have joined forces.

YetiZen is a well-known cornerstone of the US game industry- known for its work in growing and harnessing the San Francisco Game industry through its free and open coplay space and 150 yearly game development and game business education events, which brought 6500+ developers as attendees in 2012. The prestigious YetiZen accelerator program is the only accelerator program focused on applying a force multiplier to post product and traction scalable game startups.

GGDG is an emergent game association in Latin America that was born in Bogota, Colombia and in less than 6 months has been able to reach the Latin American community with several projects to educate and inform startups and developers, among the GGDG projects and achievements is the first award for women in games 2013, a series of game design instructional booklets, an educational program to certify students in game design in which GGDG has great Colombian teachers and important Latin American mentors.

The two main objectives of this alliance are

  1. Educate the emergent and high potential Latin American market on how to create scalable game startups-self-published cash flow positive game studios and unique game platforms solving critical business needs of game developers.
  2. Bridging Latin America with San Francisco, the world’s densest community of game developers.

“We have been impressed by the selection of Latin American companies that have applied to YetiZen and particularly impressed by Luis Parra who is the founder of Press Start Studios, a YetiZen portfolio company and representative of GGDG. We are happy to support Luis and all Latin American game startup initiatives under GGDG.”

As a first project for under this collaboration GGDG will be bringing educational events and workshops from the YetiZen innovation lab as well as a series of webinar content from YetiZen founders and mentor community to the Latin American community. Stay tuned on GGDG and YetiZen website’s for more details.

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