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Trends and Performance Similarities and Differences on iOS vs Google Play

Are you thinking of venturing into mobile game development? Not sure which OS platform to release your game on? Or are you looking into porting your current game onto the other platform, but not sure what you should expect? If these are some of your problems, fear not! Join us on Monday, July 22nd at 6pm as we discuss about the similarities and differences of trends and performance between iOS and Google Play with guest speaker Guy Rosen, co-founder and CEO of Onavo!

YetiZen will be serving drinks for the evening! So, don’t miss out and register for your tickets today!

About Our Speaker:

Guy Rosen

Co-founder and CEO of Onavo

Guy Rosen is the co-founder and CEO of Onavo. He brings over a decade of technology entrepreneurship and management experience to Onavo, spanning mobile, cloud technologies and analytics spaces. Onavo is the company behind Onavo Insights, the most comprehensive market intelligence service in the mobile industry. Onavo Insights data powers decision-making and media buying in the world’s largest mobile companies.