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YetiZen @ AppNation

December 6, 2013

(Sana Choudary, CEO of YetiZen at AppNation)

Our CEO, Sana Choudary was invited to speak at AppNation on Tuesday afternoon on game investment patterns. The media has been portraying game investments as dead and that VC money doesn’t invest in game studios, instead deals goes to platform companies — however, Sana discovered this was not true. In fact, our numbers show the complete opposite.

The talk was also covered by Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat this morning.

If you missed the talk, you can check out Sana’s slides here. Feel free to tweet her questions and comments @SanaOnGames.

Special thanks to our mentor Jerry Darko from Raymond James for providing us the raw data in our research. The data is also made publicly here. If you have any questions on the raw data please contact him via linkedin or email at jerry[dot]darko[at]raymondjames[dot]com

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