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Why Selfpubd? Returning “Independence” to Indie Game Developers

November 29, 2012

By Sana Choudary, YetiZen CEO

We are often asked why we chose Selfpubd for the YetiZen accelerator program. Our answer-returning independence to indies!

Successful Indie game studios all eventually encounter the same dilemma.  When it’s time to publish, many will place their bets on big-name publishers that have the financial resources and supposed expertise available to push the product to a successful release.

But signing with a publisher for an Indie game studio has always been a high risk, high cost decision.  The time and money put into marketing, testing, and distribution can vanish instantly with the wrong publisher. They also tend to demand the rights to the IP, which can potentially cost a studio its control over crucial aspects of the game’s production and ultimately destroying the brand’s image if poorly handled by the publisher.

Basically, sell-out or lose-out?

Big publishing companies can create big problems, so it’s abundantly clear that the Indie development industry is in desperate need of a low risk, low cost testing and publishing platform.

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