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Company Spotlight: Game Craftsmen

October 25, 2011

What they do:

Game Craftsmen is a mid-core social mobile game developer focused on making addictive and engaging male-oriented RTS games. Game Craftsmen’s first game MechTech is focused on mech battles and tournament play. This team is crafting something wonderful, and we’re excited to continue fostering their success.

Why they will win:

  1. Game Craftsmen Founder Nick Shapiro has worked on numerous freemium titles dating back 7 years, and he has been selling virtual goods before the word freemium even entered the lexicon.
  2. Nick’s success in driving monetization for KlickNation’s Facebook games made accepting Game Craftsmen into the YetiZen Accelerator Program an easy choice.
  3. They have added two engineers, closed deals with revenue and distribution platform W3i, and produced a fully functional tech prototype.

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