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Workshop: Shuchi Rana

August 23, 2011

How much funding does your company need? And how are you going to use it? Financial all-star Shuchi Rana, CEO & Co-Founder at Scape, Inc and Partner Relations Director at Women 2.0, explained the math behind the financial side of founding a start-up. Shuchi explained how to calculate the worth of your company, and emphasized the importance of defining what you personally consider the value of your company to be, so that when you talk to investors you will have a number to negotiate with. Shuchi went on to discuss the difference between angel and VC investors, and what sort of tactics you can use to convince them that your brilliant idea is worth their money. She described how to present yourself, and what types of questions you can expect to be asked while pitching your company. She also explained the difference between post-money and pre-money evaluation, when convertible notes are an appropriate option, and when and why you should sell your shares.

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