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YetiZen Round 3

May 2, 2012

Hello everyone,

With great pleasure we would like to introduce you to YetiZen round 3 companies.


Control games with your touch device!

OKeez is the creator of controller technologies that allow you to use your smartphone and tablet to control any application or game on any screen anywhere. The first vertical Okeez is focusing on is the MMO games market. It is currently in closed beta with its Star Wars The Old Republic tablet controller and talking to several other major MMO game publishers to finalize partnerships.

Okeez is based in Belgium and has received seed funding.

Excited by the vision? Feel you can help them in design, monetization and setting up relevant partnerships? You can reach them on Twitter @Chris_OKeez


Games with Style!

Frenzoo is pioneering 3D lifestyle games for women, under the brand Me Girl. Their first game “Dress Me Girl” is the world’s first 3d fashion game on mobile and grew to over 300,000 users organically in its beta, and is launching on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. Behind their games is a flexible avatar technology and creation platform that brings characters to life.

Based in the US and Hong Kong, they are backed by the co-founders of Skype and love all things creative and fun.

Come play at


RivalMe is WordsWithFriends for Trivia. Compete on the field of knowledge and earn Eternal Bragging Rights! Have a Battle of Minds with your friends to see who knows the most about your favorite subjects, from TV shows to sports to hundreds of other topics. Play with friends, at a bar, or on your own on ANY DEVICE- iPhone, Android, iPad/Tablet, Facebook, browser or TV. Go to and start right away!

RivalMe is the world’s leader in social mobile trivia. Our artificially-intelligent Smart Gaming Engine(TM) creates great questions in subjects players like based on their social graphs and previous answers.


Social media marketers spend more $3 billion yearly. However, more than 50% of their consumers remained uninterested and don’t notice these campaigns, leading to lower brand awareness and recall.

Gametize creates digital platforms that increase audience engagement through gamification. Its flagshop product, GameMaki, is a white-label marketing platform for marketers to increase the engagement with real world challenges such as “wear green to Starbucks”, which not only brings feet to the locations itself, but also spread buzz and excitement to consumers and turn them into fans.

Anyone can claim these fun, social challenges anytime, anywhere, for bragging rights, points and virtual items that can become discounts or giveaways. Coupled with game dynamics such as team plays and leader boards, these fun, social challenges not only enable consumers to interact with the brands, but also amongst each other. Marketers using GameMaki can publish their campaigns on iOS, their own websites or Facebook page, and The Android app will be launched in June 2012.

Accept the challenge to be our partner for epic wins! or drop us a mail at [email protected]! Join us in our journey to be the future of gamified marketing. makes games starring you and your friends. They use existing social network data to put faces, personalities, and relationships instantly in the game. So when you play a game, you might be rescuing your wife from a zombie horde of your college buddies or saving the world from your evil ex-boss.

Give it a try today by signing up at and playing 4 Gameface games in the Apple app store: ZombieFace, PuppetFace, and NomNomFace.

We would love to hear your feedback! For comments and partnership inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]


70 million grandparents in the US spend $23 billion a year on toys and gifts for their grandkids. It is one of the fastest growing yet underserved markets.

Emota is tapping into this market, by introducing a series of apps and internet-connected toys that let the whole family come together and share intimate moments. For example, a child can hug an Emota-powered teddy bear, and his grandma will see the gesture on her TV screen halfway across the world. When it comes to personal expression, that’s a game-changer!

After establishing Emota in the grandparent market, Emota will rapidly expand into other relationship categories.

Please visit for more information.


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