Leveling up the gaming industry…

Innovation Lab

The YetiZen Innovation Lab serves the games community in 4 major ways.

I. Co-Play!
Forget “coworking”… we’re coplaying! During the day the Innovation Lab provides an environment for game developers to work collaboratively as well as network with each other and larger companies to find synergies and build stronger game businesses. This co-play space is for anyone in the games industry to use.

II. Game Industry Events
In the evenings YetiZen hosts a variety of events aimed towards educating and connecting the game industry. Not only does YetiZen host it’s own events, such as the San Francisco Game Developer’s Workshop, but also allows the event space to be used by anyone organizing game industry events in the bay area. The Innovation Lab has already been home to the Samsung developer meetup, VR Gaming, and multiple hack-a-thons. Over the next few weeks it will be hosting popular meetups such as Blacks in Gaming, Gays in Gaming, Monetizing Web 2.0, Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup, and SF Game Monetization Meetup among many others.

III. Video Syndication
For those game developers who are not in the Bay Area, YetiZen will be syndicating video content of all of the events that take place at the YetiZen Innovation Lab on Twitch TV, Game and a number of other online channels.

IV. Accelerator
The YetiZen Innovation Lab is home to the ever successful YetiZen Accelerator program. The accelerator selects the top 1.5% of over 700 exitable game startup applicants annually for each of its 3-month accelerator rounds (held twice a year).

I want in!
We’re located in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

You can also join our Facebook group or our Google Group to get updated info on our events.