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Drumleaf is rocking the gaming universe with multi-player creativity across multiple platforms. Drumleaf games are designed to help kids lead successful lives. We give kids creative and collaborative tools that let them create and share socially in a safe way. Our flagship product – STAR86 – is a universe where songs materialize as planets and kids can explore music like they are exploring space.

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That Awesome Game Studio

The Awesome Game Studio or TAGS is an award winning game development studio with chart topping titles in console space.

The Awesome Game Studio wants to address hardcore mobile market which is already USD $2B market and is expected to grow four times in the next three years. There are only handful of game studios targeting this market and there is huge growth opportunity.

TAGS is going to dominate hardcore console quality games on mobile by extending successful console titles to mobile with free2play as business model and also by producing new properties.

One of the original IP which TAGS is working on is Kemuri which means Smoke in Japanese and is an action adventure title.

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Competitive gaming is the quickest growing sport in history. But it lacks one thing: wager service. Here’s where comes in: we provide wagering service for gaming. offers real-money bets on Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, two most popular titles in competitive gaming.

We are currently running in product beta, establishing partnerships with tournament organizers, casters and players, who share our belief that eSports can be even more popular sport for mainstream audience.

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We’ve successfully built and sold a multi-million dollar user acquisition company. Having large experience in online marketing, we have started a game discovery platform for mobile. The amount of games and developers worldwide is growing tremendously. The biggest challenge for them is getting discovered. Here’s where we come. Our tool helps developers to cross-promote and acquire players using short videos. Videos are posted on offer walls inside games. They have high conversion rates and make cost of user acquisition lower for developers.


From the days of old pinballs and big arcades to today’s Wii and Kinect, from punching and slapping old wooden machines to waving today’s complex controllers, physical engagement has proven to be a major factor in creating fun games!

Kyttaro is all you love about Wii meeting mobile! By using the best features mobile has to offer, such as the front camera and accelerometer, Kyttaro brings physical engagement to mobile gaming.

Having already launched the head-tracking controlled game Droidscape, and achieving retention rates of more than 90%D1 and 70%W1, Kyttaro leads what will become the norm in mobile : physically engaging, player aware games.

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Flamin’ Lab

Flamin’ Lab builds language educational games that transform the children experience into an innovative and fun immersive learning environment extending the limits of the classroom.

We have featured games on the App Store and now we want to bring new applications to the learning market that will grow to $58 billions in 2015.

Flamin’ Lab is the mind and work of a group of experts such as engineers, designers, artists, project designers and educators, we think videogames are the best way to wake up children’s mind providing them all the necessary tools to enrich their language knowledge keeping in mind their proficiency level, age and location based.

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Think you know pop culture? Lyricle creates customized trivia challenges in your favorite subjects – music, movies, games, and books – and lets you prove your pop culture superiority. A marketing version of our music lyric game is currently generating more than 30 million impressions a month in more than 500 bars in the U.S. An iOS version of the game will launch in October. We will additionally use our gamification engine to create white label versions of our games for business seeking increasing audience engagement through interactive ads, contests and promotions.

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Grantoo enables mobile game developer’s to change the world with their games while making money. Using Grantoo’s Propeller SDK game developers can make any game into multiplayer brand sponsored tournaments. Winners of these tournaments get to donate their winnings from the brands to the charity of their choice.

Grantoo currently has 12 games running tournaments sponsored by brands such as Hilton, McDonald’s and Snapple. To date Grantoo has raised $2.5 million from leading European VCs.

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Incuvo is a game studio working on Createrria – which turns making games into a game. Our product allows users to create quality games in a fun and easy way, share them with friends or simply play other peoples creations. Incuvo is a team of 12, backed by Giza VC ($1 million raised!), planning to incorporate in US at Series A. Createrria is currently at the alpha stage, will be released for iOS this summer as free to play application (more platforms to follow).

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Playblazer is a backend-as-a-service for Game Studios. We help Game Studios cut down development time & cost for Multiplayer games by 50% or more. Playblazer completely replaces the need for dedicated server-side engineering resources as well as sys ops resources by providing a cloud-hosted, auto-scaling framework for social & multiplayer games.

Real Steel (Dreamworks IP), a 6 million install iOS & Android Game – went from single player to async multiplayer in just 10 weeks of development. We have 5 other games in various stages of development which should release over the next 3-6 months.

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Press Start Studios

Press Start Studios is a two years and a half year game studio that focuses on free to play action/adventure games for players age 12 and older. Previously PressStart made “Doña Gloria el juego” and got over 200,000 users with no marketing budget. Since then the company has pivoted to mobile and currently has 2 games under development. Press Start Studios is seed funded by leading international game investors.

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Mesh is an online platform allowing anyone to gift virtual goods. Its web platform allows mobile gamers to create wish lists of in-game items and share these lists with their friends and family, promising unique gifts to gamers and more revenue to game developers. The team boasts start-up experience, software development chops and love of games that comes from perhaps too many hours of play.

Want more customers for your virtual goods?

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Foundation Games

Foundation Games is a 3 year old mobile gaming company. Foundation Games builds amazing games with a focus on character and story driven gameplay. Their goal is to be the market leader in casual-core mobile titles. The company has hired a team of amazing talent located in San Francisco, Sydney, and Manila. Because of Foundation Games’ propensity for creating incredibly high quality titles, their games have won many awards including Apple’s Game of the Week and Editors choice awards.


YesGnome makes games for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, specializing in SIM, RPG, and strategy games. Their first success, Fairy Tale City, combines popular fairy tale stories with all elements of city building. This game shows high retention and monetization, and enjoys an extremely loyal user base.

YesGnome games are supported by their powerful SocialKinesis technology, a back-end web service that allows them to control the game experience dynamically, in real-time, and on the basis of powerful analytics.

Unusual Studios

Unusual Studios is the leader in free-to-play sports games in Spain and soon in the World. Their first game, Unusual Soccer, got awesome traction in Spain: 100.000 installs without any marketing investment. For their next game they’ve signed up Real Madrid, the best soccer team in the planet.


Today, 90% of parents believe that children’s media is age-inappropriate. CrocPond fills this huge void by offering a series of mobile games based on 32 role-model characters that inspire children to live in integrity and make wise choices. What makes this brand so extraordinarily is that each character’s name personifies its own positive trait. Children love, RINDIN, the Puffer who is all about Respecting INDIvidual DiffereNces and DEX, the Kangaroo inspires good Diet and EXercise. Crocpond has already received 16 awards and will soon be expanding its brand to into Licensed Merchandise, TV, and Movies.


Selfpubd is a platform to grow your mobile game business. Selfpubd is like for mobile game companies. Their platform of tools redefines publishing by helping studios achieve success through testing, analytics, monetization, discovery, promotion and a gamer network. Member games are already at 5M monthly installs. In the $10Bn casual Indie game space, Selfpubd is positioned to be the hub for all of it. There are almost 200 member studios in 30+ countries with 700 game titles.

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Games with Style!

Frenzoo is a fast growing startup pioneering 3d lifestyle games with the hit Me Girl™ series. Launched in 2012, Me Girl™ games are now enjoyed by millions of smartphone and tablet players around the world. Backed by Skype cofounders, Frenzoo’s aim is to inspire the world through play. Our CEO Simon can be contacted at and in his spare time is the creator of industry blog

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RivalMe creates and delivers context-based Questions & Answers that engage people across technology platforms. Powered by a proprietary Smart Q&A Engine, RivalMe has created an “Internet of Questions” that uses the Social Graph alongside popular website scraping to rewrite the world of information.

RivalMe’s first product is a social mobile app that is like WordsWithFriends for Trivia. With deeper Social Graph integration than any other mobile app, RivalMe is immediately addictive and viral.


Casualing is the first ever competitive network for social and mobile games. It connects different game players playing the game across different devices and social networks to compete against each other in elimination tournaments to win virtual currency and gift-cards.


BitPollen makes products to help developers deliver a personalized gaming experience to their players. By identifying and evaluating individual player behaviors, BitPollen builds an ifactor for each player. The ifactor is a summary of scores across key metrics like Life Time Value, Virality and Engagement. A developer can use the ifactor to tailor in-game content to each player, for example a developer can now focus monetization efforts on players that have shown to monetize on other games. BitPollen uses the ifactor to help players discover games that they will find engaging and worth sharing and spending money on.


70 million grandparents in the US spend $23 billion a year on toys and gifts for their grandkids. It is one of the fastest growing yet underserved markets.

Emota is tapping into this market, by introducing a series of apps and internet-connected toys that let the whole family come together and share intimate moments. For example, a child can hug an Emota-powered teddy bear, and his grandma will see the gesture on her TV screen halfway across the world. When it comes to personal expression, that’s a game-changer!

After establishing Emota in the grandparent market, Emota will rapidly expand into other relationship categories.

Please visit for more information.


Control games with your touch device!

OKeez is the creator of controller technologies that allow you to use your smartphone and tablet to control any application or game on any screen anywhere. The first vertical Okeez is focusing on is the MMO games market. It is currently in closed beta with its Star Wars The Old Republic tablet controller and talking to several other major MMO game publishers to finalize partnerships.

Okeez is based in Belgium and has received seed funding.

Excited by the vision? Feel you can help them in design, monetization and setting up relevant partnerships? You can reach them on Twitter @Chris_OKeez


Skillville is a competitive casual gaming tournament platform for players to connect and compete for cash and prizes in fun and easy-to-learn casual games. The platform is a hybrid of a casual gaming portal and a casino website with social elements because players not only compete on individual casual games to win real cash and prizes but also get emotional rewards from the gamified meta layer on top of the portal.

Since the official launch in April 2010, over 1 million tournaments have been played and over $500,000 in prizes have been won by players in the community. They have some extremely engaged users on the website, and as a result, are able to monetize them at a very high rate. Lifetime value of a user on Skillville is $90. They are currently working on an Android version of our gaming tournament platform.

DreamsLair Entertainment

DreamsLair Entertainment is a social gaming startup focused on developing mid to hard core games for Facebook and mobile. DreamsLair Entertainment’s vision is to create digital entertainment that that will become synonymous with innovation and social interaction. To do this they are focusing on three main areas: exceptional MMO quality visual experiences; innovative social interactions; and a close bond with their players. Underlying these is their proprietary behavioral analytics platform.

Their first game, Ashtaria, is a fantasy based, social, RPG for the Facebook platform. In Ashtaria, players grow and strengthen their character, enhance their skills and make new connections while following the storyline quests and exciting challenges.


Bushi-go is a new media company developing long-format, episodic games for iOS and Android based devices. There is a convergence underway between the videogame, web and broadcast industries. Episodic videogames have already proven to be profitable under the right conditions, and Bushi-go is the company that will take this new media to the next, inevitable level.

Gabagool Games

Gabagool Games is focused on making quality midcore mobile games with a focus on retro and humor. Their first IP titled 「Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown”, (GNZB) a side scroller Zombie slasher game that has been positively received on the iPhone market and has reached 200,000 downloads with very limited marketing

Exited Companies:

Big Head Mode

Acquired by PlayFirst on September 2013

Big Head Mode makes games starring you and your friends. They use existing social network data to put faces, personalities, and relationships instantly in the game. So when you play a Big Head Mode game, you might be rescuing your wife from a zombie horde of your college buddies or saving the world from your evil ex-boss.

Give it a try today by signing up at and playing 4 Gameface games in the Apple app store: ZombieFace, PuppetFace, and NomNomFace.

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