Industry Judges, the Heavy-Hitters.

Mike Yuen

Senior Director, Snapdragon Gaming at Qualcomm

Mike Yuen has 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics, games and wireless industries, including senior roles at startups (raised $50M+) and Fortune 500 companies (Qualcomm), with experience in developed and emerging markets. He is currently the worldwide Snapdragon gaming business lead in strategy, business development, and developer relations, and provides business direction to the 1st party Snapdragon Game Studio.


Patrick Mork

The Marketing Guy: Google Play

Patrick is the Marketing Guy at Google Play. With 15 years of marketing experience at leading companies such as GetJar, Glu Mobile, PepsiCo and Diamondcluster, Patrick has worked in large multinationals and venture-backed start-ups in marketing, sales and general management.
Josh Rose

Co-Founder at LudusLabs

Josh Rose has over 17 years of success in the interactive entertainment industry, Flying Wisdom Studios is the fourth company he started. Josh created Weaselsoft, Game Performance Labs, and Lamplighter Studios, Inc. where he built a worldwide team of 80 artists for outsourcing and art services generating $1.2 million in sales in 2008, before a sale to in 2008. Josh is equal parts producer, game designer, and mentor.
Jill Ford

Angel Investor

Jill Ford brings a wealth of global leadership in mobile and games, including heading Disney Mobile’s worldwide distribution to mobile manufacturers and running Motorola’s global games usage. Jill has guided the gaming experiences of over 100M consumers and continues to be the mastermind behind the launch of compelling mobile experiences. Currently Jill is an Advisor and Angel Investor for multiple startups transforming emerging businesses with strategies forged in mobile gaming.
Ian McGee

Owner at Sailbyte Productions

Ian worked at multiple startups. He started & ran Malibu Interactive UK developing original and licensed IP on console. Next he joined Sony internal development for the launch of the original Sony Playstation in 1995. At AndNow in Half Moon Bay he used development talent from Moscow Russia and Budapest Hungary to develop original console & PC titles. Also at AndNow he helped create the online casual game SmallBall in 2001.
Jason Citron

Founder & CEO at Phoenix Guild

Jason Citron has served as the Founder and CEO of Aurora Feint Inc., developer of OpenFeint, bought by GREE in 2011 for $104 million USD. The leading social gaming platform for the iPhone with over 200 games in the AppStore, 500 more in development, and 2500 registered application developers, OpenFeint was the de-facto choice for many game developers and publishers entering the social gaming space on the iPhone. Now he’s working on a new games company called Phoenix Guild. It’s a small startup with a big vision: to be the Blizzard of the post-pc era.
Sana Choudary

CEO at YetiZen

Over the last 2 years Sana has been the CEO and cofounder of YetiZen a cornerstone of the game developer ecosystem. This includes the YetiZen accelerator, the wildly popular games focused accelerator and the YetiZen Innovation Lab, the only game developer community space of its kind for game developer business education and synergy in the new and ever evolving world of social mobile. It has served 6500 game developers in the last 12 months. Sana Choudary has a reputation for being a powerful force in creating successful entrepreneurs. She has been highly active in the entrepreneurial and gaming communities throughout her career as a leading member of Women 2.0, StartupWeekend; and as a co-founder of NYC’s largest entrepreneurial group Ultralight startups. Currently in addition to YetiZen, Sana chairs TiE SF and TiEcon the world's largest entrepreneurship conference. Through YetiZen, Sana is intimately involved with hundreds of startups, gaming veterans, investors, and gaming giants giving her a unique and unparalleled perspective on the game space.
Japheth Dillman

CCO at YetiZen

Japheth Dillman is a veteran to the game space, having worked as an Executive Producer and Lead Designer at numerous studios such as Digital Chocolate, Flying Wisdom Studios, BigPoint, Chugulu, Aftershock Innovations, and many others. Japheth has also guided many successful gaming platforms such as Kidlandia, Casualing, Gamify, and Wild Pockets to name a few. Finding enormous success in mobile and social games, Japheth now has co-founded the YetiZen Game Accelerator program as Chief Creative Officer, along with his business partner Sana Choudary, to help other startups find monumental success.