Are you a woman entrepreneur or a woman who wants to create a business of her own?

Then you’re probably reading a lot of articles on women entrepreneurship, hoping to learn how to deal with the obstacles you face in making your business a reality or a winner in its space!

They rarely help you with your unique challenges as a woman entrepreneur!

Business, like life, is all about getting from where you are to where you want to be. But what do you do when on the way there, multiple massive boulders block your path?

Should you put on climbing gear and climb over the boulder?

Should you take out the dynamite and blow it into minor insignificant pieces that won’t stop you?

You, the female rockstar, have a lot of options…but the worst thing you can do is bang your head against the rock, demanding an explanation for its existence.

And this, unfortunately, is a trap all of us often fall into.

So what strategies should women entrepreneurs employ in dealing with the boulders that lie in their paths?

I believe the answer lies in finding and living our personal passions, thinking and acting like leaders and modeling the actions or the many successful women among us (or our inspired version of them).

Please join myself, the YetiZen team, and Girls in Tech on June 3rd for the “Be Your Own Hero” Conference to bring together successful women who have done this for themselves. We hope to inspire other women to find their own unique and meaningful method to overcoming the boulders in their paths.

On passion:
Anything that is really worth doing in life is hard. If you are passionate, work will stop feeling like work. You will find within yourself the persistence to both deal with the hard times, and thrive during the good times, all while staying healthier. The final benefit of this superpower is that it is the only thing that works in the long term. Negative emotions like fear may work in the short term, but over time, if you are not passionate, you will lose to a competitor who is!

On leadership:
You may have the best business idea in existence. You may be the most competent salesperson, programmer, product person ever on the face of this earth. But if you are unable to lead yourself and others to making your vision a reality, you will not succeed. Showing up as a leader means abandoning blame. It means stepping into your most powerful self and influencing the world through it. All while developing your own way of calculating and taking risks, failing forward and failing fast.

On action:
All the passion and leadership superpowers in the world cannot help you unless you take action. And since success leaves clues, it is important to learn from others who have been successful. This will reduce your trial and error time.

The result is you achieve everything you ever wanted to and more, all while becoming an incredibly happy and strong example for all. A super hero and inspiration to all women who long to be an entrepreneur!


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Donna Boyer                 Stevie Case

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Leigh Wasson               Mahak Sharma

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