8:30AM to 8:40AM
Track: Morning Break & CHECK-IN

8:35AM to 8:40AM
Welcome to Pillsbury!
Speaker Name: Heidi Mayon
Director of Business Development, Pillsbury

8:40AM to 8:45AM
Opening Remarks!
Speaker Name: Sana Choudary
CEO, YetiZen

All sessions are 20 minute followed by 10 minute Q&A; unless otherwise noted, as in the case of workshops and fireside chats.

Passion Track:

8:45AM to 9:00AM
Begin with the end in mind--a guided meditation to define what success means to you
Speaker Name: Julie Gieseke
Consultant, MapTheMind

9:00AM to 9:30AM
From Passion to Payoff--Focusing Your SuperPowers on Your Dream
Speaker Name: Hilary Weber
CEO and Founder, Opportu

9:30AM to 10:00AM
Living Out Your Passion--Lessons from a Serial Social Entrepreneur
Speaker Name: Shannon Farley
Founder, Spark and FastFwd

10:00AM to 10:30AM
Passion for Play
Speaker Name: Lucy Bradshaw
Senior Vice President, Maxis, Electronic Arts

10:30AM to 11:00AM
How to Leverage Passion to Build Your Tribe
Speaker Name: Michelle Florendo
Founder & Principal, What If You Could

Leadership Track:

11:00AM to 11:50AM
Understanding and Embodying Your Personal Power
Speaker Name: Athena Williams
CEO & Executive Coach, The Leaders Studio

11:50AM to 12:20PM
How to Trust Your Gut in a Data-Driven Town
Speaker Name: Stevie Case
VP Revenue, Layer

12:20PM to 1:20PM

1:20PM to 1:50PM
Winning the Game of Influence
Speaker Name: Koh Kim
Google Play, Business Development

1:50PM to 2:20PM
Founder mom, strategy for family building while company building
Speaker Name: Lisa Fetterman
CEO, Nomiku

Action Track:

2:20PM to 2:50PM
Fireside Chat
Speaker Name: Alexa Andrzejewski
Founder, Foodspoting (acquired by OpenTable)

2:50PM to 3:20PM
Worry about the Mosquitos, not the Sharks
Speaker Name: Michelle Zatlyn
Co-founder, Cloudflare

3:20PM to 3:50PM
Bias for Action Making it Happen, fireside chat hosted by Mary Trigiani
Speaker Name: Donna Novitsky
CEO, Yiftee
Moderator Name: Mary Trigiani

3:50PM to 4:20PM
Taming the Elephant in the Room: How to tackle big problems
Speaker Name: Donna Boyer
CPO, Blurb

4:20PM to 4:50PM
Developing Contagious Creativity Cultures in Start-Ups
Speaker Name: Megan Gaiser
Founder, Contagious Creativity and former CEO of HerInteractive

4:50PM to 5:20PM
3 Trust Building Strategies I have learned from Men
Speaker Name: Sana Choudary
CEO, YetiZen

- 5:20PM to 5:50PM
Shoot! I'm part of the problem!
Speaker Name: Elaine Wherry
Co-Founder, Meebo

5:50PM to 6:30PM
Session Format: Networking & Mingling


Sana Choudary           Lucy Bradshaw

Elaine Wherry             Megan Gaiser

Donna Boyer                 Stevie Case

Koh Kim                       Alexa Andrzejewski

Michelle Zatlyn           Stephanie Chung

Leigh Wasson               Mahak Sharma

Donna Novitsky             Lisa Fetterman

Shannon Farley           Athena Williams

Julie Gieseke                 Hilary Weber

Michelle Florendo


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