Game Industry Investment

Gaming Market Conditions

With the gaming investment environment adjusting to a maturing market, putting money into startups must be even smarter and result in more effective returns. Yet, current metrics measuring user base, retention rate, and monetization can only go so far when evaluating a solid investment.

The YetiZen Accelerator Program sees over 700+ company applicants with traction and successful products, selecting only 1.5% of them to participate in the program. The accelerator hones in on those companies that will gain momentum and value based on their established post-traction products.

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What makes a good games investment?

The direction of great investments flows toward those companies that disrupt core problems and realize untapped markets in the industry. Innovation through developing needed technologies and games drives these companies and investors to great heights, which YetiZen identifies as:

  • Mobile/Smart TV developers.
  • Startups focusing on specific geographic markets.
  • Strong Character driven IP.
  • Technologies that ease the pain of user acquisition, user retention, or monetization.
  • Platforms that are looking to connect with game developers.

Red flags for gaming investments

As important as looking for the next startup success is determining those aspects that should be red flags. Before investing in a company, be aware of whether they understand where they fit in with today’s market:

  • If they are a game development studio, are they a game franchise or a game factory?
  • What are their metrics in terms of user base, playtimes, and daily/monthly active users?
  • How are they disrupting the established market with their product?
  • Does their team have the right experience that gives them a leg up?

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