About Game Boot Camp Intensive

Purpose and Objective

Over the last 2 years the LATAM gaming industry’s significant growth has made it a central hub of strong work for hire talent and game sourcing for global publishers. Proexport (Current in conversations), YetiZen, and the Global Game Designers Guild believe that now is the right time to empower and educate the LATAM game industry to the next level of success on the global game business stage--major commercially successful game companies that entice venture capital and multi- million dollar acquisition offers. The cost of the boot camp will be $2.000 USD per studio (allowing 3 members of the studio). Also there is an ONLINE option, the cost will be $1.000 USD per studio (allowing 3 members of the studios).

But in addition to making great games these types of startups must:

*in contrast to a ship and forget model

The YetiZen LATAM Boot Camp Intensive is designed to empower LATAM startups with deep knowledge of the above.

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